Blue Christmas Tree

This year, we are having a blue Christmas.

In the Philippines, we do not cut fresh trees. Pine, Spruce, Cedar, and Fir trees are not usually grown here. I think we have pine trees here, but it is not the ones that you can cut and put inside your house. Plus the fact that we decorate for Christmas at the start of the -ber months. Yes, when September 1 comes, Christmas is already in the air. The most famous song that we await to be played on the radio is Jose Mari Chan’s, ” Whenever I see boys and girls selling lanterns on the streets…. ” So, putting up a real tree inside the house in September, would not be a great idea. Neither in October nor November. The tree would not last until December 25.

We put up artificial pine trees here. I bought our Christmas tree 8 years ago. We use it every Christmas. Our past Christmases were hanging Santas and the classic red and green Christmas color. To make this Christmas different from the years before, this time, the kids requested for a blue and white theme. Like a winter wonderland.

Tips in decorating the tree:

1. Have a main color theme or color palette. Our theme is blue and white. When I decided to buy more blue balls, I realized that there are many kinds of blue. We picked a lighter shade of blue, an aquamarine blue. There were no white balls. So I picked silver balls. Silver could provide a good contrast for the blue.

2. Decide where to put your tree. The general lighting of the place must be considered when putting up your tree. Pick brighter decors for a tree away from the window. Shiny balls that can shine reflected light would be look great, too.

Our tree will be placed near the stairs and 3 meters from the window. So a dark blue hue would make it darker and the balls will not be easily seen when the lights are off. A lighter blue will make the tree shine. Although, I ended up mixing dark blues with light blues. I wanted to still hang the blue star capiz shells that is symbolic of Christmas in the Philippines.

3. Plan for the Christmas lights. It would be best to put the tree near an electrical outlet. But if not feasible, an extension wire will do. Just be sure that you also consider how to make the wire inconspicuous.

4. Big balls go at the bottom of the tree. The smaller ones go on the top. This gives a perspective of a triangular big tree. I got this tip from Rebecca of Kinwoven-Robeson design. I did not mind the sizes before since my balls are of the same size. But when I bought a big box of silver balls, it came with different sizes. Indeed, it looked great putting the balls this way.

5. There are many substitute to a tree skirt. A tree skirt finishes the look of the tree. It ties up the tree with the gifts below. Because I did not have a blue tree skirt, I used a white table cloth for a snowy look and wrapped it around the foot of the tree. The addition of gifts covered all the wrinkles.

6. Consider similar theme for your gifts placed under the tree. We chose blue themed wrappers. But You do not need to put all your gifts under the tree, if you have many gifts. It will look cluttered. I put some gifts under the tree and the rest in a box. Christmas is also gift-giving here in the Philippines. It is the time that we give gifts not just to family members, but also to friends, inaanaks, relatives, colleagues, staff and employees. How many gifts would that be? You guess. šŸ˜‰

7. MOST IMPORTANT of all, do not fuss too much. Your tree is beautiful and special- whatever the color, with ribbons or without, lighted or unlighted, big or small- because you and your family made it. It is not just the tree, it is the memories that come with it when you look at the tree that makes your Christmas tree beautiful and special. We do not only look with our eyes, but with our other senses and our heart, too.

Our tree does not have many balls at the bottom because I have a 1 year old daughter. She pulls out the balls from time to time. But we still love our blue Christmas tree. Of course, I changed our curtains to blue and white for that winter wonderland feel.

Thank you for visiting my page. Merry Christmas to you from our home.

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