About Eva

I am a medical doctor, an artist and a mom to two girls ages 6 and 10 years old.

Houseprojecteva started because I wanted to share my experience on how to build a house on a budget. It is common here in the Philippines for do-it-yourself home construction and renovation. I remember my mother would just call the neighbourhood carpenter ( anybody in the Philippines can present themselves as a carpenter as long as they know how to hammer a nail and cut plywood) and ask him to renovate our ceiling. She would rely on her own knowledge and the carpenter’s. My mother was a math teacher. Sometimes, they ended up not finishing the project, or taking too long to finish the project, or making many makeovers along the way. Too much materials bought and time spent.

When I built my house, I did not hire a contractor so I can cut some costs. I supervised the whole project. It was a daunting endeavour but I had to do it because we wanted to own a house on a budget. But I had a good architect who was on our team. So, my house construction was based on sound advice. I wanted to share some useful tips I learned along the way for those who supervise their own renovation and construction.

But blogging entails too much computer work and causes eye strain. I suffered migraine back then so I had to rest for awhile from blogging.

After 5 years of rest from writing and uploading on houseprojecteva, I am back to the digital world. This pandemic gave me the opportunity to once again get back on track. Now, I am wearing the correct prescriptive eyeglasses to prevent eye strain and migraine.

Now, this blog is not just about house construction. This blog is also about how to make your house your Home Sweet Home, which the whole family can cherish. This includes decoration, decluttering, gardening and composting, and nondigital activities for the family– all happening in this little house that was built by houseprojecteva.

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