My fiddle leaf fig bears fruit!

A year ago, I received 2 fiddle leaf fig tree. I was very happy! Today, these two have grown taller and fuller. How did I take care of them?

Location. I first tried to put them outside under my banana trees. Since it is cool under the banana trees and it faced the east, they thrived there. When I have visitors, the fiddle leaf plant always catch their attention. After a couple of months, I decided to move them indoors. Moving them indoors was a great decision. I placed one near the window, facing the east. The other one is 3 meters from the window, but also receives much light. They also thrive indoors with much light. Moving them indoors was the best decision. I was able to appreciate each leaf bud that uncurls and grows bigger everyday.

Then one day, one plant grew something round. I did not know if it was a fruit. I asked my friend who owns Plantitas de Naga . She told me it was a fruit. And no, it was not edible. And no, it cannot be planted. It also grew what looks like a flower underneath one leaf.

Watering. When the fiddle leaf tree were outside, they needed watering 2-3x a week, depending on the weather. When they were inside the house, I watered them once a week. I water until there was water flowing out of the drain. For this container, I pour 1-1.5 laters of water. At first, I watered it only with tap water. Later, I saw in the store a double acting growth vitamin hormone and decided to try it on my plants. I put 4 drops of the vitamins in a liter of water whenever I water the figs. After reading about how fiddle leaf fig tree bears fruit, I guess, it must be because of the vitamins and the light that encouraged the fruiting of this tree.

Propagating. Yes, i tried to propagate them. I cut the taller fiddle leaf tree and put the stem on the pot. After a few weeks, it grew leaf buds.I always propagate my plants thru cuttings and have been successful. So, it was a joy to see a leaf bud coming out from the stem cutting. But then, my chickens got lose and pecked the leaf bud. I did not mind it so much because I knew that it had rooted already. Then another unfortunate event happened. My household helper pulled out the stem because she thought it was already dead. Oh well. I will propagate it next time. But I was advised to marcot it instead of just cutting a branch and directly planting it on the soil. This way has a higher success rate. I will update you about this next time.

These fiddle leaf figs are treasures. They are very adaptive. They thrive both indoors and outdoors. They do not need to be watered everyday. And they produce fruits!

I hope yours thrive well and bear fruit, too! 🙂

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