On the Spot Sketches of Doctors

Our house is a blessing. Finally I could open my box of artworks, pull out the sketchbooks, papers, colors and pencils, paint brushes, oil and acrylic paints, and put them in their rightful place.

I opened one of my sketchbooks which I kept and carried from Iloilo to Manila (in every apartment that I transferred) and back to Iloilo.The sketchbook had been in the box for 14 years, only opened occasionally.


I remember bugging my classmates to pose for 30 minutes so I could sketch them. I was practicing how to sketch with a live model. My classmates were unwilling at first. So,  I offered to give them their portraits afterwards. The brave ones volunteered first.


I drew whenever I have 30 minutes to spare. In between classes. In the community immersion. In the OB ward, while gathered around that big rectangular table with some doing the charts.


Later on, I realised that I need to have a copy of my own work, too. So these are the sketches that I held on to.


If I did not carry my sketchbook, I drew on bond paper.


Notice that they are all in uniform?

Finally, I attempted to sketch myself in front of the mirror. Unfinished self-portrait.


This blog is just a break from my house construction projects. Also since discovering my art box, my daughter had been asking me to teach her how to paint  “yung tootong painting” (the real painting). She meant she wanted to paint using my paint brushes and oil paints.

For here at home, we have always activities so my daughters would not have time for iPad and TV. I try to develop in them love for activities so they would not turn to gadgets for entertainment.

Thank you for dropping by.

And by the way, if you happen to know what to spray to the pencil sketches above prior to framing, please message me. I know these should be sprayed with something first so that the pigments would stick to the paper and be preserved. Or is it not necessary?

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