Prophylaxis for Anay

The  anay (termite) hinders us to use wood in our house, right? So was the argument when we were to build our house. But wood floors and wooden stairs were at the top of my wish list.

Solution: Anay Prophylaxis.

Treatment applications were done in 4 stages.

foundation1. Soil poisoning.

This was done when the footing foundations and canal were still open. ” Kung tapos na ubra sa dalum (When the men have finished their job down in the pit”,” instructed my foreman. Yes, treatment was done prior to shovelling back of the soil.

Treatment was  scheduled at 5pm             Saturday. So that there was at least 36 hours before the men get back on the site. Subsequent treatments were scheduled the same.

2. Filling.

The ground floor of the house was elevated 60 cm from the ground. Dakal-dakal was used for filling. This was suggested by my architect. The pest control guy also approved of the filling because dakal-dakal was not made of cellulose material. Chances of termite infestation would be lessened. Treatment was done prior to filling of the dakal-dakal.

3. Wood. Treatment was scheduled after the wood planks were installed and smoothened ( naplaner na). So that the panday won’t be able to inhale the chemicals. All the wood like the hamba, doors, cabinets were also treated.


4. Cordoning. After all the tambala were removed, last treatment was scheduled. They sprayed around the house perimeter (blue arrow).

The charge for the anay prophylaxis was P150 multiplied by the floor area of the house (both upper and ground level).  Sixty percent downpayment was paid on the first treatment. The rest was divided and paid in subsequent treatment stages.

The treatment comes with a five year warranty.

To fully termite proof the house, he reminded:

  • Be sure to remove all coco lumber, karton and debris from the house.
  • Be careful not to bring in any old furniture or old furnishing which might be infested with termite or wood borers. Good thing we only have two beds and a single kawayan (bamboo) sofa. I had them treated first before bringing them in the new house.
  • If there is any sign of infiltration, call for help immediately.

I hope that the prophylaxis and our own careful tending of the house  will prevent the termite from infesting our floors, hamba, doors, cabinets and etc.   Will update you after 5 years. 😉

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